Japanese Courses(日本語コース)

Welcome to Yuri Trilingual Japanese course.
We explain the words, phrases, sentences of Japanese in English.

Teaching Philosophy

Leading a learner-centered and motivation-based form of learning, and providing learning awareness, recognizing identification, accepting the learner's individuality empower the learners or enable learners to lead their language-related life goals, this goal being achieved by means of language education.

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Beginning-level Japanese course
Intermediate-level Japanese course

Japanese beginning and intermediate courses are courses with an emphasis on spoken Japanese to develop basic communication skills of beginning and intermediate-level learners in Japanese. The primary of these courses are on spoken Japanese, and these courses will provide the time to enable learners to acquire skills to read and write basic Japanese scripts and to read high real-life-level basic Kanji words in order to facilitate communication through simple written materials and to read pertinent materials.

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The course goal is enable learners to obtain basic communication skills in Japanese and the cultural knowledge necessary to effectively and appropriately perform various kinds of basic interpersonal and interpretive communication tasks in real-life situations within and beyond classroom situations.

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By the end of this course, learners will be able to demonstrate sufficient linguistic, cultural, and strategic knowledge and skills.

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Course materials

The main text:
Yookoso An Invitation to Contemporary Japanese.(For beginning-level)

Yookoso Continuing with Contemporary Japanese. (For intermediate-level)

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Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees/month
Course materials
Lighting and heating communication expenses
Depend on
the text.
six months
  • Lesson―Private or two to six learners.( maximum)
  • Tuition and fees should be paid monthly by Yubinkyoku Transfer to the Yuri Trilingual account at the first day of the month.
  • The instructor’s transportation fee is required for lessons conducted outside Yuri Trilingual classrooms.
  • Repetition and memory work are essential to the mastery of a foreign tongue.

※Initial tuition and fees = A+B+C

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【Important information】
Online instruction started on Monday, March 30,2020.
It will continue until coronavirus pandemic ends.
Those who are interested in online lessons, or would like to join us, please feel free to contact us by letter, phone, fax, formmail.

I am deeply grateful to all the people on the front lines who selflessly act to keep us healthy and safe.
We all continue to navigate this challenging time.
Send wishes of health and calm to you and your loved ones. 


Introduction of instructor

Yuriko Takatsu

M.S.Ed. (Master of Science in Education)
inTESOL ( Teaching of English Speakers of Other Languages)
Graduate College of Education Temple University

Yuri Trilingual CEO & instructor

Work Experience:
UNESCO and preparatory schools in Japan as an English instructor, Japanese government administrative agencies and ILO international conference as an interpreter and translator,
and ESCAP (United Nations Economic and social commission for Asia and the Pacific) women’s club as a volunteer

Traveled 28 countries in the world